In the fall of 1964, Iowa’s Governor Hughes suggested that each Iowa community make an effort to welcome its teachers with a special program. Organized to provide the entertainment for Shell Rock’s program, the vocal and instrumental group formed at that time became the Shell Rock Music Association.

Over the course of 50+ years, the Shell Rock Spring Swing (the Swing Show) grew into a spring tradition, expanding to 14 show times at its peak. The basic show format has remained consistent. A stage band and a mixed chorus, all composed entirely of volunteers, support a series of center stage acts drawn from band and chorus members. A variety of musical styles include popular tunes of the day, golden oldies, and comedy acts. Funds raised from the annual swing show supported a variety of community projects and activities, as well as helping with the cost of the next year’s show.

Shell Rock’s Boyd Building has been the “theater” since the beginning. Despite the limitations, the auditorium helps bring a Broadway feel to Main Street USA. The auditorium has been named “The Everson Auditorium” in recognition of Dale and Bev Everson’s contributions to the Music Association and the community.

In 2020, the show was canceled due to the pandemic, and there were no shows in 2021 or 2022 for the same reason. For the 2023 show, we are returning to our roots with a spring concert, and we are excited to once again be making music for your enjoyment!